Selection of works / 2010 / Mumbai

DIVISION is the latest collection of works based on subtle/ submissive/ disassociative/objective reality & perception. The process registers fine, disconnected object/ spatial patterns in peculiar reductive yet amplified sense of time, space and association. Thus these works results in a purity of form that is complemented by the subtle classicist experiments. In form, the works are very different from earlier draft “INERTIA”. Earlier suppression of color and formal objective space is replaced by fragmented pieces, primary colors & multiple cross interacting spatial arrangements: The simple arrangements of objects and space in familiar yet so disjointed mechanisms of relationships. This interest in classical perspective is to enhance the cross-relationships of the common and the ordinary. Division is about the understated arrangements and associations in some familiar perspectives.


Selection of Works 2000 / All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society / New Delhi

INERTIA is an exhibition comprising oil paintings, drawings and musical compositions spanning around the de-humanized and ugly. The works concentrates upon the social and personal conflicts… registering odd circumstantial and moral arrangements. Multiplicity of these environments creates a sense of quasi-chaotic happenings, which evolve in purely random manner. Happenings, which ultimately correspond to the animal side of man: an expression much feared of. These multiple entities are inter-linked yet each has an independent function of its own.

These are the documents of delusive extension of desire and its association with the individual “I”, put through different environments.



Quick Instagrams with my phone camera. Surprisingly the phone camera can go really close…fine details and just quick way through everything. I always loved the low-fi, Polaroid kind of photography. Something like working individual snapshots from Polaroid SX-70 or something… hooking you onto an era gone by.