White Tower – Chapter 01

  • Details:
    Part 01 of Three Part Anthology
  • Category:
    Short Film


White Tower – Chapter 01 – Compiled Chaos and The Housed Ones

White tower: Remnants of the last great machine…. A synchronous clockwork of all things human. Algorithms perfecting the cycles, The environments replicating the essentials, The very design deconstructing an erased era.

Left behind to decay and dismay, the machine is unrelenting. Recreating every iteration with precision, revising the core construct to a better balanced domain. The subjects are faithful, the deadlines are infinite, the yield is magnificent, repairs are not necessary.

White tower is a three part short based on original prose. The short is accompanied by short snippets: Unwanted Singles.

Special credits:
UiT Archaeology, Norway РUoM Digitisation Centre РArch̩omatique РNorth York Moors National Park РMorbase | Museu Virtual РMiguel Bandera
Macovei Tudor – Vasileios Theofylaktopoulos – Assaf Bezalel – Direhawk – Zach Shukan – Gradd.co – Valentine Kozin – Effective Technology Integration
3DHDScan – GSXNet – Scanfab – 3Dnovator – Renafox – Austin Beaulier – Dicatta – Global Digital Heritage – Jeffrey Tuhtan – Filipeb – Francesco Coldesina
Noxfcna – Loic Huet – Silv1 – Bohdan Lvov – Spogna – Ivan Berest – David Fletcher – Geoffrey Marchal – Peter Dawson – John Fino – Willy Bonato
John Greenstone – MGD Films

Music / Soundscapes:

Dead Peoples Records – Deef – Chad Crouch – Anastasia Vronski – Human Heads – Nin Martoize – Andrew Walton – Wehwalt & Zreen Toyz – Tay Ploops – Keith M. Lyndaker

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