20 Dec 97 | Handbag

Glowing blue flower in his palms, unfolding blue broken ribs.
Dark filaments dangling by its ambient color.
He said:
     ” This is beautiful… but my blisters are opening.
I can not hold it any longer…. It hurts.”
   And handed him the blue thing. He then rubbed his palms together…
white powdered smile eroding from his skin.
Dark skyline was cornering the black rain clouds…
spotting out places to rain. He stepped a bit closer to him and said:
      ” Well?”
               He then paused for a while and looked down at his buckled shoes.
He grabbed his tiny white hands inside his huge rough clutching palms,
looked around for a moment and whispered:
      ” Bags for hands shouldn’t be invented… right?”
    Boy’s eyes were filled with raindrops. Salesman walked away
with his usual heavy carry bag full of odd ‘blue’ things.
People opened out their windows to the spraying heavy rain.
But nothing was happening.
             Sun was uncovering its face.