[slide title=”White Tower – Chapter 01 – Compiled Chaos and The Housed Ones”]


[slide title=”White Tower – Chapter 02 – Division For Inquisitors”]


[slide title=”White Tower – Chapter 03 – Pictures, Songs, Fools: Utility of Truth”]


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Music: “Something” from “What we are is secret”
by LOW-FI (Octopus Records)

[slide title=”THE CREASES OF ADDRESS”]

THE CREASES OF ADDRESS / Based on an old poem
Music: SADNESS COSMO by Bruno Philippsen ( Passo Fundo, Brazil )
Narration: Chris Vail

[slide title=”JUMP STUDIOS: Bad girls goes to hell”]

Bad girls goes to hell! The all new JUMP STUDIO ID with the sexy dancers, blasting guns, intoxicating and dangerous. The path is bloody, bodies are lined up… Get ready to face the smoking barrel sitting in your chair.