The Reset

After a gruelling reset, the site is back up again. A new look, a new flavour. The unfortunate wordpress breach world over caught up with us. Weird code infecting everything… Almost impossible to fix..hence the absolute reset.

Blast from the past: Makecurves WIF 2008

An absolute blast from the past! I stumbled upon this really old intro by and for Makecurve’s conference at WIF 2008 in Paris. I never noticed my name was with big wiz studios likeTronic, Umeric, Paranoid. My short “Matter & Keys” was used in the conference. Isn’t it cool 🙂

Original Credits:
Client: Makecurves
Design – Production: It’s A Good Day
Director: Oscar
Sound design: It’s A Good Day
Lightwave 3D / After Effects

The wait starts now!

After bagging Pixies and NYFF, 2014 ESPN NBA Draft got nominated in Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design for the 36TH ANNUAL SPORTS EMMY® AWARDS. Its competing against Monday Night Football (ESPN), Sport Science (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 ),The Grantland Basketball Hour (ESPN).

The wait starts now!

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Multiple Pixies & NYFF

Cardel Place, Sabal Homes and ESPN Grandslam Tennis won the shiny Golds at Pixies along with a shimmery Platinum won by ESPN NBA Draft tease. And on top of all this And a 2015 New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards Bronze World Medal for NBA Draft. Time to celebrate and get drunk… again.

Six Daveys: Hence the Adele moment

It absolutely felt like Adele holding the six Grammys. It rained Daveys yesterday. Betty white for NGC Big Cat Initiative won two Golds, making it the best awards magnet so far. The ESPN Nationwide Dayton Tease bagging another. Along with the shiny Golds, ESPN NBA Draft Tease won a sparkling Silver along with AGCL Slots / Clocks spots for Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and Mindfuel Synthetic Biology promo for Science Alberta ( Now Wonderville ). A good shiny day at Jump Studios besides all that cold. Awesome!

5 New International Telly Awards

Its Telly season again. The cool Looklabs promo, Science Alberta Info-graphic, Intact and West LRT wrestled and won. These were very mainstream yet cool projects last year.


News Archive | 2007 – 2011

▌10 July 2011

I know… long time now. Things have been really busy here in Mumbai. Joined Disney India few months back. A big change as such… a different ball game alltogether. Also a lot of work happened… but not much to write home about. A handfull of projects which were kind of fun but some cool ones are now in the pipeline. Two 3D shorts in the pipeline with friends at Jump studios. A surreal dreamscape with lots of live action, CG and all that jazz.

Also on Valentines day, we welcomed our second baby. Mr Avi Sarwiya landed this planet with big blinking eyes. I did a small short of his first message, shot on Canon 7D with 50mm f1.4 in available light. And yea… I got into the whole HDSLR film-making drama. Coolest thing ever. Got all the gear… Redrock, Telus, Shoot35 etc. Also I bought the very sexy looking Busch Pressman 4X5 Large format Camera. Anxiously waiting for it to get here.

▌21 April 2010

Things were exciting today. Tried out doing up stereoscopic 3D out of a project pilot and it came out really well. Modified a few ongoing projects for BLOOMBERG Re-brand which looked awesome. People around got very excited with this. So get some 3D glasses and sit back for some 3d variants of some of my older projects + new ones about to land soon… starting with JUMP Studios awards winning film.

Update: Added SHIFT (SHORT FILM ) 3D version. I am looking out at some new projects in this new medium… so keep your glasses handy.View these Project in Stereoscope 3D. You can view them on my old site.

▌21 March 2010

Its been long…. almost a year now since my last entry in this section. I did updated with some new projects but this whole time has been really busy. I have left CNBC and started off with Bloomberg this January.

So lot of time to settle in at a new workplace with lots of old friends. Got busy with lots of network branding stuff which obviously takes lots of time. Did some stuff for couple of lifestyle, news, weather networks… and landed at Bloomberg with yet another network re-brand. Some network branding stuff got postponed due to recession hit.

I have added up the prose and fine art section in this page only… so now you can read through some of my old works along with the paintings. I am planning to put the music stuff online aswell. I will be updating some new projects soon… when I get some time to update.

▌28 May 2009

Update a whole lot of projects (though some still held back ) with a all new dark layout design; a more gallery focus design. This month has been good. Got through lots of awards. The Jump studios Ident won a whole lot of awarda and selections. International Telly, Promax BDA North America, USA International Film Festival’s GOLD CAMERA Award, Ampia Award to name a few.

Besides all this I have put online my latest short film: SHIFT. It got posted on VENTILATE ►, a really cool motion design portal like motionographer. The film is essentially my ONEDOTZERO sumission for this year.


▌28 Feb 2009

Lots of terribly busy months. Its been ages since any updates. Anyways, I will be putting a whole lot of updates… everything from CNBC network mamoth re-branding to lots of different projects. Last month I had the opportunity to work on a project which had hand painted animation… So looking forward to putting that online as well. Apart from all this I resumed painting after almost six years. Lots of style and format changes. I have put the a selection of new works online. So check out the online exhibition of my new paintings + Visit DIVISION & OTHER PAINTINGS ►.
So a few more days for all the new updates.

▌4 Nov 2008

Whole lot of updates… SHAW, ESPN, JUMP, CNBC etc. Lumen Eclipse went through really well…lots of fun. Got doing some more style boards for Braves. Also interestingly got to design the Jump Studios’ website. So check it out: + JUMP STUDIOS’ Website. I will soon be updating the Reel and a better newsletter format… to keep buzzing everyone.

▌28 Sept 2008

It has been really long since I have updated anything. Couple of new works: Jump studio ID,ESPN, SHAW, MILLIONAIRE and LUMEN ECLIPSE. Jump Studio ID is online. Though its a HD project, I have kept the video to a decent size for better playback. Along with it ESPN BEING series package is also online. I will be soon posting loads of material for the MILLIONAIRE network branding soon. Now for some festival news. The JUMP Studio ID and my revised short: THE PERFECT FALL has been selected as the official participants in LE60: A film festival organised by LUMEN ECLIPSE. The films are set to air on 4 October, 2008 in Cambridge. LUMEN ECLIPSE has been forefront of newage film making… so its cool to be a part of the community.

▌27 May 2008

The Dog & Pony show is online. Sometime later this week or next week, I will also post the new network branding I did for an Indian lifestyle channel. The SPURS package finally got aired in-stadium and on-air all this season… So had a great time hearing good things about it.

▌24 May 2008

My trip to Dallas finally happened. I was really lucky to see J.W.M TURNER exhibition at Dallas Museum of Art. Check out the pics.
+ Pics at PICASA

▌8 May 2008

My submission for the ANIBOOM RADIHEAD contest is online.I thought my short: Perfect Fall would be a good fit for the video along with other abstract pieces I have done previously. Its a piece which elaborates on the personal, disjointed, malfunctioning array of environments & happenings which relates the obvious ordinary state with the underlying subconscious state of being.

▌24 April 2008

(Translated excerpt from )

The WIF, International Webdesign Festival, took place on 21st April in the town of Limoges to France. Like Web 2.0 it was more and more a place for motion design and the video, the WIF invited Antony (Studio: It’s a good day, Makecurves) to conduct a conference on motion design. They presented a compilation with several sections including from a large number of motion design studios and some freelance artists, the goal being to cover motion design in 2008. An extract of presentation at summer presented in this assembly, Here a list of people who collaborated in the conference: Bharat Sarwiya (India)
Emob (Marseille)
Frank Lam et Zema (Montréal)
Geronimo (Paris)
it’s a good day (Paris)
kurtzmedias (Limoges)
La Haute Société (Crosse)
Olivier Patté (Paris)
Stardust (New York – Santa monica / US)
Superfad (New York – LA – Seattle / US – Londres – UK)
Tronic (New York / US)
Paranoid (US & Paris)

▌4 March 2008

The 2008 version is finally and officially online now. I still need to update the reels and projects… sometime soon.

▌10 Feburary 2008

Updating after a long time now. A new look using the previous site’s assets. Lots of stuff for baseball teams happening. BRAVES, DIAMONDBACKS, ROYALS etc. Have some more stuff lined up for next week or so. Soon will be updating the reel also.

▌25 November 2007

The Pepsi Manzanita is online. Also just finished the BAMBI Awards 2007 video installation sections. Besides these I have added a new music composition test… more of a study in grunge/ drum loops with FruityLoops. I have also organized the website’s navigation and space arrangement.

▌18 November 2007

The AfterDark invitation is online now and in the mean time finished off the Pepsi Manzanita film. I am also posting some old works, which I skipped: Lashkara network ID. Will be adding more stuff later this week. I have also added a new section showcasing my musical compositions. Though I haven’t composed anything new this year (been busy) but these pieces have been my greatest works I could turn out of my humble Presario with its keyboard serving as musical instrument. I lost a cool piano piece last time when my Presario crashed but somehow saved these. Lots of techno trance, classical strings…Cool pieces.

▌1 November 2007

Just finished with boards and motion test for ATLANTA BRAVES team opener… cool glossy 3D with lots of glints, flares. Goldhaw Live and a headshot sequence for the Spurs is finally online along with the boards for Spurs & Sonics. Some exciting projects in the pipeline: A video installation piece for the BAMBI awards 2007 and a cool launch spot for a new PEPSI product. I also had the chance to do a theme film for an audio design studio, which I will be posting soon. A small project for HUSTLER Tv is also happening. I have also added SPORTS UNPLUGGED which won Asia Image Gold for Best Animated Show Open along with the ICI FUTURE 2007 after such a long delay. Also adding in a few days another project for CNBC: Business Center.

▌10 October 2007

The Globalino CDF Lauch is online now. This is one hefty long film. Action on San Antonio Spurs has started. Romann Box idents are on hold for this week… but soon it will kick start hopefully by next mid – week.

▌24 September 2007

The network re-brand of CNBC is somehow delayed… But I will be posting master design templates soon. Got my hands on a project for two NBA teams: San Antonio Spurs and Seattle Sonics. Pitched with a couple of style boards… main design style, head board, logo etc. Exciting stuff. Also got a image film for Swiss company ‘Aktienpower AG’. So lots of stuff. I should be getting go ahead with Goldhawk Live in next few days… so will be posting the package soon. I’ve also got my hands on a couple of small ident-commercials for an art gallery based in Buenos Aires ‘Romann Box’.

▌4 August 2007

I am in last phase of finishing a show package for the Canadian network, Rogers: Goldhawk Live. It’s a current affairs talk show of famous Dale Goldhawk, covering local matters and issues. Besides this CNBC network redesign is currently in its last phase. Its a big project containing everything from ticker re-hauling to all online graphic redesign & templating to refurbishing the whole overall visual presentation of the network.

▌2 August 2007

Rains are lashing Mumbai. Just updated a tiny Ident for a DJ collective based in UK: SOS. A cool miniscule intro serving as main ident and as a website intro as well. Couple of good stuff is lined up… let’s see what cooks up in next few weeks.

▌22 July 2007

Finally added “Inertia”. All the works from my solo show at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi. It was pending for so many years actually. But its finally online now.

▌15 July 2007

I got my hands on a couple of MTV idents. Hopefully will be getting a few more shows. Good stuff from lands abroad!

▌1 July 2007

Just finished the final touches on a another business show: Nation’s Business. Cool metal look… just love the Mental Ray shaders. Got my hands on the Blender this week. It still looks a lovely looking 3D package and it’s good it didn’t shut down. I will be posting the new shows on the site in a few days.

▌8 June 2007

Did a couple of show opens for various business/ news shows. Though very conservative in look and feel but I guess this is what CNBC is anyways. The shows had a whole lot of on-line graphics sychronisation… templates and more templates.

▌15 May 2007

I have just joined CNBC TV18 business network here in Mumbai. I’ll be handling the on-air/ off-air design departments.